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At, our mission is to make company knowledge more accessible and useful. We use AI to surface knowledge from silos and deliver it where questions are asked, speeding up internal support and accelerating growth for mid-sized companies.

The Company

The Company

Grit is at the core of our culture

Backed by 500 Startups and top investors across North America, we are a small and scrappy team with an abundance of passion and grit for the problems we all face accessing knowledge at work. We offer competitive salaries, stock options and a laid-back work environment. Headquartered in Hamilton, ON (Canada), we enjoy the company of dozens of other innovative startups located at McMaster Innovation Park. Oh, and we have endless coffee and LaCroix to keep you alert and refreshed.

We are looking for self-starters, honest and hardworking individuals who are interested in joining us on our vision to make Obie the most intelligent solution for learning anything at work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most intelligent solution for learning anything at work. Obie will be the defacto solution for knowledge management within organizations of all shapes and sizes, delivering verified knowledge when and where people need it.

Our team embodies these core values:


Effective communication is the foundation for any successful team. At, communication means more than simply exchanging information. It's important to build meaningful, thought provoking and challenging dialogue with one another, as well as our users.



A true Obier has great attention for detail. We work diligently and tirelessly to always ship the best product, create the best experiences for our users and take care of one another.



If we aren't moving forward, we're moving backwards. Starting from the leadership, right down to the hustlers on the front lines, the mindset should be to continually think of ways we could put ourselves out of business and use that for the driver of innovation.



There is no better way to provide value than understanding the problems and pains of our users. The same can be said for our fellow teammates. EQ is one of the most important traits of what makes an Obier, an Obier. Empathy isn't just a value, it's a competitive advantage.


Changing the knowledge management landscape

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Kristen Barker

Customer Success

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Career Opportunities

Join our family and grow with fresh challenges, creative autonomy and flexibility
Growth Marketing Analyst
Hamilton ON, San Francisco or Remote
Growth Marketing Analyst
Hamilton ON, San Francisco or Remote
Software Developer
Hamilton ON, San Francisco or Remote
Software Developer
Hamilton ON, San Francisco or Remote
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Over the last few years, thousands of teams and organizations have used Obie to make their knowledge more accessible. What we've learnt, at least for now, is that Obie provides the most value for companies that have 50 or more employees.

Often times, we find that smaller teams within these organizations (50+), have a need for Obie. If this is you, please email to learn about the different ways you can try Obie.

Dmitriy Product Development Engineer at Veeva
Extremely helpful and precise - Obie is fast, reliable, easily extendable and easy to understand.
Larry Account Manager at Podium
I like that I can use Obie through Slack to find answers to my questions. I'm on a sales team so it is the easiest way for me to find a quick answer. I don't have to stop my call to ask someone a question, I can simply type it in to Slack and get an answer through Obie.
Sarah Client Success Manager at Podium
I love the quick access to information and not having to wait for a human to respond!
Louise Engineer at RaisingIT
The Slack integration is great for being able to ping back a quick response to someone asking a question. It has taken a lot of burden off our team as we used to get many repeated questions, and the ability for people to ask Obie for the answers directly has greatly reduced the number of questions we receive.